Checkout this fascinating resource:
“The Digital Universe is an intuitively organized, multimedia Web that will inform, educate, engage and involve people worldwide. The mission is to realize the Internet’s potential as an open, non-commercial medium that inspires creativity, communication, collaboration and education.”

“The Digital Universe will consist of an encyclopedia, library, archive, multimedia learning center, news source, web directory, and more. The central focus will be reliable content.”

“The content will be organized into portals, by subject area, such as “Mars.” Information and activities will be accessible according to function; for example, encyclopedic-type information about Mars will be located in one area of the portal, news in another, and relevant books in another. All information on a topic will live at the same portal, with intuitive access from portal to portal.”
“The Earth Portal is the first major portal to launch within The Digital Universe:

“The Earth Portal will be home to the Encyclopedia of Earth.

uh huh… pretty ambitious….but an interesting idea!