well, I have a solo (gulp) summer exhibit lined up at the local conference center/hotel. It is actually a great place to display large works. I know some of you, probably think, what large works of art? LOL! Everything that has been posted here is just tiny! Well, being that I am now working out of my house AND exploring a more technique based art form, I have currently been working in smaller formats. However, I sort was into large paintings (up to 48 x 48) for a while. So, I do have some large paintings which just do not get shown much, plus, I’ve been wanting to try some of the paper techniques are a much larger scale. I have done a few 36″x 36 and I’ve generally been pretty happy with the results…. so, encouragement to make some new art and exhibit some things that folks don’t have an opportunity to see much.

I am trying to decide on a name. Possibly, (con)texturalize because these will be highly textured and abstracts based upon real objects. Yeah, I know, exhibit names are kind of hard.