A very quick & superficial professional update: In the last few months, I attended many meetings, served on a Faculty review committee for the Peabody Awards (a new category for me), worked alot on reviewing and updating websites, worked with a group to set up a blog for my library, started NACO training (Name Authority) started the next session of metadata moonlighting, participated in a graduate study on creativity in the classroom and ummm…I think that may be about it at the moment.

My next step is to figure out my future education. I’m not sure I want to do the IDD (Instructional Design &; Development) because that seems to have more of a corporate slant, but maybe that is what I need(?). I have also considered the New Media Institute but I think those classes will be very hard to get (at least from my initial inquiries).

Another choice is to see about doing an advanced degree/certificate in Library Science. I have found a program which might work, if I can do all of my work at one of the libraries in my area through internships or practicums. If I did that program it would have to be flexible enough for me to focus on metadata/cataloging and databases. Of course, the local library is building their own opensource catalog which actually looks pretty cool…might be some opportunities there, too. It’s really hard to know.

…and I don’t really like to just take classes without at least knowing they might apply to a degree.

Anyhow, I just don’t know. Right now, given my health situation, I need to figure out what will give me more possible future opportunities that will utilize my existing knowledge base and provide me a further depth of expertise, without leading me towards more people management and all of the stress that goes with it.