So, one thing I’m doing to try to make a few extra $$ is some metadata freelancing.

Actually, I’ve done this before, but this time the project is a little.. umm…well…. different. The biggest difference is how much the freelancers are getting paid. It’s straight up 2$ a record, which I’m guessing to most people, that sounds pretty cheap, eh?

The tradeoff is that we are not supposed to be doing as much investigation in previous times. In other words, we are not really spending much time looking up Library of Congress headings, extensively searching the authority records, etc. We also are just kind of using a mishmash of Library of Congress standards & policies for subject headings &; names. Umm… ok.

…so you can see where this is going, correct? Yes, it’s quicker than the last session, but it’s still going slowly. Many of us have hit records where we do not have enough information to REALLY make an educated decision. So, now I am actually at the point of educated guesstimates. I am currently skipping records where in my heart of hearts, I feel some discomfort in attaching my name to the meta of the record. I realize I am responsible for those records too and I will have to make some sort of decision before the project ends, but I really hate deliberately doing things that might bite me in the butt one day.

I hope that the freelance group will meet again soon and we can all talk about our questions. We have a listserv but it doesn’t seem to work very well. Questions just seem to go out into the oblivion. I have talked to others off list and they are feeling the same way that I feel.

Of course, no one is saying anything, which is just driving me nuts. I guess I get to be the problem child.