so, in the past month I have noticed that my hair has become remarkably thin. Actually, I first noticed in January that my hair was kind of umm… flat. It seems the top half had less in the way of curls and it just kind of was lying there listless. I didn’t think too much about this (cold weather, indoor heat, low humidity, growing out layers, etc. all do funky things to my hair anyhow) until a few weeks ago I noticed that I was losing hair everywhere. I usually lose a ton of hair in the shower, but I’ve been finding hair everywhere and then I noticed it starting looking a little thin.

Now, I have a lot of hair, so thin for my hair doesn’t mean that you can suddenly see my scalp shining through (thankfully). Of course, I kind of paniced, but then I discovered that a sign of both anemia and a sudden trauma (in my case blood loss of the ulcer) frequently causes major hair loss about two months after the incident. From what I’ve been told and read online, I have most likely hit the peak (it’s been 2 1/2 months post hospital) and I should see a reversal in hair loss. I surely hope so

Anyhow, in the meantime I’m making sure to get my protein, take a broad spectrum b vitamin with high biotin.