there have been times when I truly am just in awe of the world.

certainly the chipmunk incident (when I saved a baby chipmonk and it appeared to be dead, but then woke up and stood up in my hand and actually looked at me…)

but then other times, too.

Upon leaving a grocery store late in the evening after a particularly rotten day a few years ago (fights with boyfriend, feeling too poor to really buy much in the way of food, etc.) I walked outside to perfect, beautiful snowflakes. It wasn’t supposed to snow…but there it was…and it was kind of amazing. Somehow, those snowflakes made my world feel much better, if only for a little while.

Out running two Octobers ago at night, the air was crisp, I was actually feeling into my run (for once in my life!), the stars were sparkling, I was singing in my head (you know, when you have a song going through your head…), and in a moment of complete peace, I startled a young deer. Actually, we startled each other. It’s by far the most amazing run, I think I ever had. Definitely not a runner’s high (never had ’em, never will, most likely) but something different.

Then last Spring, snowboarding at sky valley under a clear sparkling not too cold night sky. Glow in the dark stars on my board sparkling under foot. Nearly a vacant ski resort and enough snow for once, yet another zen moment.

Those are the kind of moments when I feel connected to the world. It’s not about the art or the activity, but about just being in the moment.