ok, in what I hope to be the last health update (at least for a very long time!), I have passed all of my remaining tests for the bleeding ulcer. No more internal bleeding (at least it appears to have mended), my iron is low-normal (which for me, may be about normal). I still tire easily if/when I walk at higher altitudes or up a big hill. Of course, that may be partially from not doing so much exercise the last 2 months, too.

Next up on the health front is to do the anemia followups (next 6 months most likely) and meet with a nutritionist to make sure I can get the iron without becoming a vampire wink and figure out what I can eat of the things I like, (Dear Pizza, I really would like to see you again, and I don’t mean your friend, the white sauce pizza, either…) as well as ensuring that I get my iron without eating all of the time. Sigh! I wasn’t kidding when I said I was stuffing myself with iron. (please, no more lima beans or cream of wheat. I’m sick of both of ’em)

…and then there is the stress thing. I don’t feel like I get agitated about a lot of things, but apparently people think I only run on adrenline so that is a little bit of a problem..

….and then there is the pain thing. I can’t believe that I have given up everything except tynenol. I’m slowly learning to just put up with alot of stuff that I would’ve popped an advil or alleve for. Oh, well, as long as it is bearable, and I don’t snap at people too much I suppose.

I will say this whole experience has made me think a little about my health. I’ve always been amazingly healthy, except for my allergies and a little twinge here or there when it rains and I think I have taken that for granted alot. I do try to eat decently and exercise when I can but I think the fact that I have walked away from several very bad car accidents relatively unscathed, was hit by car and only had a bone bruise (thanks mom for making me drink all of that milk when I was kid; no broken bone!), have fallen more times than I count (including a whole flight of concrete stairs down the side of a hill) kind of made me just assume that I would always be able to count on that.

…and now I realize that instead of taking advantage of that good health/fortune, I do need to listen to folks a little and slow down so that I will have a fun, healthy long life. Not that I am planning on turning myself into a prematurely old lady. wink

..but heck, I’ve known alot of folks (including my sister) who have had to face very serious illnesses and scary health stuff at young ages.

I guess part of it for me is that my car accident really did change my life and me, more than I ever expected. I really did think that I was going TO DIE in the next instance and accepted that (yes, it was that dangerous of a situation; even the police officer who showed up couldn’t believe that I was actually walking around my fragmented car), your sense of time shifts. Life can be gone in an instance, and it can be any instance anywhere anytime from the obvious life threatening ones (being robbed/having a gun to your head, car accidents, etc.) to driving down the interstate trusting that everything around you goes correctly.

To be honest, that is going to be the hardest part of realigning my life. Being aware of my committments, living life to the fullest yet leaving breathing space, so that I can actually recharge, instead of overcommitting/stressing myself so that the things that I am doing to reduce stress (yoga, art, writing here, friends, family, etc) in themselves become just a “thing” that needs to be done before I can relax.

…well, enough of that thinking for now! It is stressing me. BA HA HA HA!

Also, I won 2 passes to the nearest ski resort, hopefully for next weekend. smile Yay! A very good friday!