well, for those wondering…. I am doing better, but still not sure how everything is going. These next few weeks my doctors will be trying to figure out if my ulcer has gone away and also to figure out the reason for my persistent anemia (is it just a residual effect of major blood loss in December which is slowly resolving as I hope (my numbers are going up, just a little slower than my specialist thinks they should) or is there something more insidious contributing to it, as my doctor seems to suspect?) Having had several lesser incidents of anemia throughout my life prior to this one, I do find some comfort in that fact, that if there is something bigger going on, I’ve had it since I was a kid.

Anyhow, I hope to know something in the next week. I will say that one of the thing that bothers me about the GI specialist, is that she scares me. By scares me, I don’t mean that she is a scary person (she’s not) or that she’s not well qualified but she strikes me as person who always look for the worst. Her bedside manner is really the pits. For example, she never asks me how I am doing/feeling, or even gives me any hope or encouragement. Instead, she always tells me what might happen if I do not “pass” the tests (but not what I might HAVE, just what tests I would need), which means that I always leave with a pit of worry in my stomach as to what else is wrong.

What I have decided, is that if I get through this series of test ok, then I will probably switch doctors for followups.