9.3 on Jan. 11. 10.8 on the 30th. So, after the significant blood loss, I have come up (actually, almost 4 points since Dec.)

Still anemic on the scale, but much better. I am a little disappointed though. I’ve been sooo good that I was hoping for 12. So, I have to really try to get my iron in + c to increase absorption and hope that I can be up to 12 by the 10th. 12 is the low end of normal, but I don’t think I;ve EVER gone above 12. Lots of 10s, 9s, a few 7s. Feb.10 is my make or break point on everything. I have tests on the 10th (which hopefully will be clean, i.e., no more internal bleeding) but even given my history of anemia, I’m feeling pressure to be up to 12.

Today, I went to the grocery store and bought lots of stuff. I then threw out everything that was low iron (well, not quite everything). Out went the oatmeal, in went cream of wheat (which I do love but I really loved my oatmeal). Out went the frozen corn (okay, it WAS looking kind of gross), in went 4 boxes of spinach.

Anyhow, keep your fingers crossed.