When I was helping my mom clean out her attic a couple of years ago, I found some old art from school as well as some writings. I think they are mostly from art classes, but some of them may very well be from my “enrichment” classes. One advantage of being outside of mainstream education is that we did alot of creative stuff (in addition to what I was doing outside of school). I am still looking for the book I made in 3rd grade. I think I did keep it, but I’ll have to dig it up.

I thought I would post them as I have a chance. This was a weaving from a fabric arts class. I think this is from 8th or 9th grade (but no later). At one time, I had 3 or 4 weavings, a batik panel, an apron, and a few other things. This may be all I have left from this particular class. I really didn’t keep much of my artwork because I thought it was so bad. Funny, that this theme continues to show up in my work today. Oh, and yes the blue/silver is sparkly thread.


synthethic & natural thread on wood with nails and paint