well, just a couple of weeks ago, I had my annual checkup and a whole battery of tests (tests & more tests!) and yesterday I received a message on my machine about the results. A very SERIOUS sounding call. Not, everything is ok but we still need to talk to you, but PLEASE CALL. So, I spent all night wondering if I had some weird disease or even worse, CANCER. My stomach was hurting terribly from the stress,; not good for an ulcer, and apparently I either clenched or ground my teeth so much that my whole jaw is sore.

and this morning I find out everything is A-OK, but one count, which is not very important in the grand scheme, was a little high. So, I can take medicine for a couple of days if I want just to make sure that things are back to normal, or just wait for it to resolve itself. I am VERY thankful and relieved, of course. but…umm.. Couldn’t you have at least given me an indicator that I didn’t need to start writing my memoirs and updating my will?

Dear Doctors & nurses, PLEASE, when you leave a message on someone’s machine and it’s about nothing serious (and the person has just had major tests)

please, please, let them that there’s nothing major going on in someway. Please.