It’s sometimes hard for me to decide which folks I truly believe are heroes in this world. In some ways, it seems there are so many, but in other ways not nearly enough. Certainly, MLK Jr. continues to be an inspiration to alot of people. If you truly listen or read his speeches, they are amazing. Of course, he was a minister and part of the job of a minister is to touch and inspire people, which he certainly did.

…and then there is a ghandi, who led a life of example (and perhaps, his choice to avoid modern technology in as much as possible would benefit all of us, if practiced on a smaller scale…. in other words, no talking on the cellphone when driving or in lines at the stores!) Margaret Sanger, a nurse, who fought for birth control and teaching planned parenthood to families after watching women including her mother die from bearing too many children.Jimmy Carter’s post presidential work has been impressive, too. As far as artists go, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, &; Margaret Bourke-White (photographer of many famous depression era photos) are amazing.

As a child, I found the stories of Florence Nightingale and Marie Curie, who created the word, radioactive (REALLY!) inspiring.

Time has put together a list of their most 100 important people in this century. I am not sure I agree with all of them, but it is certainly interesting to check out (Bart Simpson? Estee Lauder?)

Time 100

Marie Curie

Florence Nightingale

Margaret Bouke White

Frida Kahlo

Georgia O’Keeffe

History of women’s suffrage

Margaret Sanger