well, I think I am feeling in desperate need to read some good quality nonfiction. Too much fluff in my reading bag these last couple of weeks!


+The Davinci Code by Dan Brown Yeah, I read it finally. So much has been written and talked about this book (not sure why, except that it brings up the premise of Holy Blood, Holy Grail book which was apparently a hot and controversial read in the 80s). I do have two things to say about it, though. First, it’s at least two mysteries in one…. a fairly well written murder/intrigue mystery wrapped around the second religious mystery. So, although I was kind of afraid that it would be really boring because I already knew what the second mystery is (at least the concept of what the author is presenting), there are enough twists and turns to keep most people interested. Secondly, if you are not somewhat familiar with the works of DaVinci and basic mythology/symbology, you may have some trouble understanding pieces of it (although at times, the author goes to painstaking detail to try to explain very big concepts in a paragraph (BA HAH AH HA!). I personally loved reading all of the stuff about DaVinci. Although I am not a big fan of his work (artistic blasphemy surely!) I am a big fan of him, at least of what we know about him; The fact that he incorporated puzzles, the golden mean/rule, sexually ambiguous (combining the male + female in a divine way or did he just prefer pretty boys? or most likely a little of both), his journals/sketchbooks written backwards…. Anyhow, I’m guessing that if you’re interested in art and like mysteries, you have probably already read this one. wink

+The Best awful by Carrie Fisher: The tale of an over the hill manic depressive former drug addict/alcoholic actress, Suzanne Vale, who is now a cable talk show hostess interviewing famous people. Her mother is a old musical star, her father is missing, her ex-husband and father of her child, Honey, has discovered he is gay and moved out. Somewhere along the way, she decides to stop taking her prescribed medicines and there the adventure begins….

From a wild ride to Tijuana, Mexico with a former ex-con tattoo artist to a full mental breakdown in a mental hospital. It kind of is going along at a crazy but fun pace when the breakdown happens, and the book quickly changes gears. An interesting peek at the cycling of a manic.

+Incubus dreams by Laurel Hamilton Anita Baker is a vampire hunter, animator of the dead, and sort of a detective. All of that sounded kind of interesting, but this book is um… awful. I haven’t read any of the other Anita Baker vampire hunter stuff and I just picked this up on a whim at the library. I had hoped for a new vampire series to read (I do like most of the Anne Rice vampire books) but these are not going to be it. I don’t consider myself a prude, but this book seems to be more about sex and little about anything else (although, admittedly, I did not get very far into the book before I just put it down to boredom….) Isn’t she supposed to be investigating a crime spree by vampires?!?!! Anyhow, what is interesting about this book is that in this particular literary world, vampires, lycanthropes (wereleopards, werewolves, and apparently, even wererats…. )all seem to get along fairly well together and live openly in modern society. The other thing is there are probably about a billion typos; really, I think each page has a typo!