Yeah, I kind of hate the whole New Year’s resolution idea, but I do think of the New Year as a time for some housekeeping; both psychologically and physical space wise. You know, kind of like pruning life; cut off the old,dead, not working so well stuff, to encourage new growth. School is out until I can heal and then I’ll make a decision about if/how to fit that into my life. My day job offers educational leave for class time, but I haven’t asked for it before, but it may be time. As for my day job, well; I just don’t know. It’s much better than it used to be, but I think 4 years of hell have just taken their toll. So now that things have been better, I’ve been pushing myself to accumulate new skills as quickly as possible (because I didn’t really have that opportunity before…) because I really need them to be promoted to a different job …and well, just for my sanity. There’s nothing worse than an IT oriented person whose skills are woefully out of date.

Of course, I just found out that Google has offices in the South now…….. (sigh…., don’t you need more people to do the ask google; research?) My dream job (which I really know nothing about the company, other than it just seems like a wonderful place to be) would be to work for either the Internet Archive or Pixar. (I did say dream….) I like what the Internet Archive is trying to achieve and I think it is one of the most important parts of the web. One thing that I will miss from sitting out a semester in the instructional design & development program is getting to do lots of graphic design. I’m certainly not going to work for myself/freelance again, but having done some graphic design in my day job where I have to take their vision and come up with graphics, I think I could work for a company doing graphic design.

Anyhow, sorry this got so far afield. It’s just sort of where my brain has been thinking in terms of what to do in the next year. At this point, I can’t start to make any real decisions until the end of January due to the fact that I have 2 doctor’s appts. then. Hopefully, I will get clean bills of health or at least, that I am on the mend and should continue…..

So, this year, I am just hoping to just be healthy and learn to live a less stressful life. I want to get my anemia under control, get rid of the ulcer, minimize the stress and hopefully have no more sickness for a while (well, that’s the dream, at least). Get rid of the clutter that seems to surround me, no matter where I go. Ditto with 10 pounds that just won’t go away no matter what (at this point, I’m realistic…. I’ve given up on the skinny but I’ll take moderately fit)

…and somehow, find some balance in my life. …oh, and get a new super duper digital camera; so I stop wasting so much film but that’s just kind of a big want more than anything.