+”My creativity allows me to be spontaneous and humorous. It keeps my outlook positive and allows me to interact with others in a comforable way.

+”Creativity is one of the things that ties us to ourselves and to others. It keeps us connected, and, if used in a positive way, gives a deeper meaning to life.

+ A willingness to do; and not worry too much what other folks think about it.

+”I like to make everything as beautiful as its greatest potential. That includes houses, murals, people, communities, etc.

+…a certain lack of complacency, and some critical thinking skills. In a larger social context, those things are definitely tools for potential social action.

+”You have to be able to think outside the box, to dream, to imagine “what if?” Many times I have heard an observer of art comment, Oh, I could have done that. I ask them, Yes, but would you have had the idea to do that? Could you have thought of it, dreamed it?

It’s funny to watch my little niece and nephew because they are each creative in their own way. My niece is certainly the “performer” in the family; whereas, my nephew is much more introspective and likes to put things together. Just watching them interact with their Christmas presents made me think a little about how lucky they are to grow up in a family that enrichs creativity.

My school project this semester (which thankfully I finished before my “episode”) is about creativity. I thought I would snip out some of the responses that I received on what it means to be creative.

enjoy (and to see the project in its entirety, check out sparc: Spark of potential: artists reflect on creativity