Ok, among the things I am skipping out on because of the EPISODE…. Can I just call it an episode? Seems, so Fred Sanford. wink Anyhow, I surely am not going anywhere for a while. I’ll be lucky if I can walk to the mailbox by the end of the weekend. Woohoo. (i am doing better, but lots and lots of naps. headaches from the anemia + caffeine withdrawal… nothing like cold turkey.. as long as I don’t move too much, I feel, well, not quite normal, yet…)

: Elf shopping for the salvation army (sorry, that adopted family has to find another shopper, there is a backup shopper, if she will just get the $ from me.), the OCAF members exhibit (RED) which I was so excited about (but probably wouldn’t have sold anything there anyway…), the Heritage Foundation Arts Gala (not going, but I already dropped off artwork)… and finally the big class project presentation tonight. Thankfully, I had finished my project early and was only adding additional content. In other words, everything was done except for the polishing it up and filling it out a little. Otherwise, I would be forced to take an incomplete. I know that would totally suck, wouldn’t it? This close to the end and have to take an incomplete because of being sick? Anyhow, you can see my beautiful project here (I shrunk the url to make it easier to read, and please don’t link to it as it will be changing over to robinart.com as soon as I feel well):



Also here is the blurb & link ot some of the featured art for the Heritage Foundation Arts Gala


Can’t decide whether to come to Athens most fun and elegant holiday party!?! (You know the one I’m talking about.)

Friday, December 9, at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Check out our 2005 Heritage Holiday Gala PHOTO GALLERY at the link



… and you won’t want to miss it.

This is just a sampling of the wonderful art, trips, and packages that we have!!!

So, take a look and then go to the homepage at

=achf&;Product_Code=2005HHGT> http://www.achfonline.org for more information.