However, someone said something to me recently which was not really hurtful, just the truth, although she couldn’t possibly know how close she hit ….

(and on this day to be thankful, here comes the petty part…) We were talking about careers and career paths, and this person sort of separated me from the “experts” in a certain field. Of course, she promptly apologized, but it’;s just the truth. When I say that I am good at a lot of things, but not really an expert at any, I am being honest. Of course, that is why I probably want to be in the “expert” category more than anything. My folks used to tell me (others have as well) that if I just focus on one thing, I would be really good at it; The problem is 1) that is boring 2) I can’t imagine doing that. So, part of it is my choice, I suppose. In my dreamworld, I would be an expert at everything that I do; but the reality is that society doesn’t allow people the space to be equally good at alot of things and consider that expertise. Instead, we are considered not focused. or unsatisfied. or a NONEXPERT.You have to be this or that. One thing or another. Something that can be labelled or put in a box.

Soo… on this day to be thankful, I am thankful but I also feel a little sad.

I have a lot to be thankful for. I have most of my family, they are mostly healthy as are my friends and myself (as far as I know). I am not broke, nor living in the superdome. wink

I know that should be enough