So tonight after our presentation demo (not too late to answer the creativity questions if interested!) I ended up in a conversation with one of the professors and TA about my topic, creativity. One thing that the professor said was that he had issues when people try to put creativity in a box to be studied. (!) Creativity has really been a great topic for me to explore, for my own selfish reasons. The answers that folks have given me are very much in line with my own thinking. I have found it both fascinating and reassuring that other creative types have similiar thinking (in some ways.). Of course, if we all think similarly does that make me not creative, or just not original?

I have always been very resistant to boxes/labels/whatnot. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t want to ever be just one thing or defined by only one thing. I don’t know, is that a multipotentiality trait or just a creative trait? I’ve always been creative, but up until recently, I was very resistant to the “artist” label. I wasn’t supposed to be the artist in my family, although I am certainly creative. Anyhow, my brain is very tired. Not enough sleep but I will think about this more later.