So, in my class, we are supposed to be keeping a project journal. Well, I’ve already been busted because my project journal doesn’t meet the criteria, i.e., 9 entries, 400 words each, and I have to cite an IT/IDD article for each on. Well, I did try, but…. I didn’t quite hit the 400 and well, I related broad topics instead of citing a quoted reference (no plagiarism, definitely no…) Thankfully, I have time to “fix” it or I can write a 5 pg. lit review instead.

Ok, the topic of my project is creativity. Really, I am off to a bad start, hmm?

How in the world you can keep a project journal about a project dealing with the creative process and put boundaries and boxes all around, and get anything of worth, is beyond me.

A framework maybe, but such structure. It’s no wonder alot of the projects in the class are so crappy. Yeah, I know, it’s about learning a “tool”. (software) but honestly this is a graduate level class; some of the work in the class will certainly suck (from my experience last semester). People have to spend so much time talking about reading articles and not actually learning or using the “tool”. Instead the other requirements are so rigid (community service hours, writing entries, etc.) that I think some people just throw something up at the last minute. The project ends up being the least important part of the class. Even my project will suffer. Energy that I could use making my project really cool will be spent doing busy work.

My other option is to continue to do the project journal as I like and write a 5 page lit review. Although this seems to be discouraged, it is supposed to be an option. I hope my project doesn’t fall under from the weight of its scaffolding; Must not let project be sucked lifeless….

The thing is I want a project I can be proud of. AND MY EXPECTATIONS ARE HIGH. Part of my problem (well, if you can call it a problem) is that I have a bit of technical skills, so I am both at a disadvantage and an advantage. I am at an advantage in that learning any graphics related tool is fairly easy and I can code html and CSS well enough for most purposes. My disadvantage is that I am fighting with myself to do the work. I keep making things harder than they should be and I keep forgetting this is just a class; instead I am looking at this as my project; not a class assignment. See the difference?

Honestly, I don’t think I’m going to stick with this program, but I don’t know where else to look. I’m still keen on the nmi (new media institute) stuff, but the POD (permission of the dept.) cards are going to be the sticking point. Getting one of those little suckers is going to be nearly impossible for me…. and then there’s being in a class with a bunch of freshman.

..and for those of you who are interested; I start NACO (name authority) training on Monday. Actually, I am only auditing it, which I have no clue what that really means. I am not too happy that my only option is audit, but well, that’s the only choice. What I personally hope to use it for (or put in my resume box of skills) is creating name authority records for metadata. So, maybe for those purposes, auditing it is ok.