In no particular order some halloween costumes I’ve been (yes, I’ve been making or putting together my own costumes since I was in my early teens. My sister and I have costume boxes and trade pieces back and forth. Some years I have been more than one costume; one for work or a small party and then one for a big halloween/costume shindigs at the clubs.

as a little kid (mom made)

–a white rabbit (when I was a baby)

–morticia adams/a witch/ a vampire (I think 5 times as a kid/preteen…)

–pippi longstockings

costumes I’ve made:

Classic costumes

–a hippie

–a black cat

–a leopard

–a wizard complete with a wand which sprinkled glitter EVERYWHERE

Fairy tale characters, historical figures &; heroines

–tinkerbell (probably my first costume I made)

–alice in wonderland (a traditional alice in wonderland! not sleezy. I was working in a library and thought it would be fun to be a “storybook” character. Umm, not sure about that, but it’s an INTERESTING costume; and I will never where a wig again for FUN, because that’s just a pain )

–a flapper (who was freeezing; borrowed from my sister…)

–a black widow

–grace o’malley, the irish pirate queen (parts of this costume were recycled into little red riding hood)

–little red riding hood (mostly traditional…., complete with a basket of candy. a fun costume…)

–princess leia (white dress…duh. the red headed girl’s classic costume, the white dress was cut up and used for the faerie queene)

–the faerie queene and my little niece was a butterfly fairy

–ariel (the little mermaid)

More unusual:

–a vampire bat (I had a great 70s dress from a woman I babysat for which had big bat winged sleeves, but no one knew what I was unless I had my arms out!)

–kate of the b-52s my sister was cindy.

..this year I’m trying to decide between a winter night or a night fairy. In other words, I already have a long black dress and dark wings, lots of snowflakes, blue spray paint, and tons of glow in the dark stars, and snowflakes…. blue, white, silver, and black makeup, I think I may just call my costume midnight; and throw everything on there. wink

..and a few random seasonal photos