Have you ever known anyone who when they are afraid or hurt or angry whatever, they go after anyone within reach using words and attitude as their fists? What about grownups who have temper tantrums which would make a 2 year old proud? People who are oblivious/don’t listen? People who say one thing and do the opposite? How do you deal with those?

Can you tell I am doing workshops on communication? wink I know I am not a perfect communicator and I have my hot buttons. We all do (be honest) and most likely our families and most of our friends already know them. Some of them may actually use those buttons.

What I hope to learn more about is how to deal with difficult people so that when I don’t feel like a doormat or conversely just get angry (either expressed or not…) or feel like I’ve lost my power in a given situation.

When my mom was little and she would fight with her brother, one of her tactics was just to make herself into a windmill, both hands in a fist. I have often thought of this in a metaphorical way.