If you&’re of Irish heritage (or if you enjoy Celtic events, artsy heritage festivals, dancing, food, etc.) I would highly recommend a visit to Savannah, especially, a few days prior to St. Pat’s. Personally, St.Pat’s in Savannah is just a big drink-a-thon, and on any given Sat., there are several college football games all around me, if I want to see that. wink I know, there is more to St. Pat’s than green beer which is why I think the cooler stuff happens right before St. Pat’s in Savannah. St. Pat’s is actually about a week’s worth of activities. Last year, I went to a very cool Celtic festival. It’s funny, even though my family was of an assimiliate, assimiliate, assimilate mindset, I still very much feel part of that community and some of the traditions just sort of sneaked in.

Anyhow, on this particular trip, the weather was lovely and the city was perfect. Water, however, is freezing cold already. I definitely need a long sleeve rashguard(at least) if I’m going to be out in that kind of water temp. Waves, nada, not even for a boogie board. Not sure what happened to them. image I snapped 3 rolls of film (all color, these two were taken on my falling apart old digi) but I forgot to take off my polarizing filter when I was in the city. 🙁 I have yet to make it to the cool cemetary or some of the other spots. Between Tybee, River st. and part of the garden district, that is about as far as I get. For those of you who love old barns, s. georgia and parts of alabama are old barn mecca. (…and for those of you who like red barns and mountains, I would suggest driving up to boone/banner elk area in north carolina. You will not be disappointed. I really hope to get some photos this year from that area…)

I didn’t have days this time, so I had to limit my photos to the beach, river st, and the gourd farm. Yes, folks, yesterday afternoon I went to a gourd farm. It was cool…and then I noticed something was biting me. Good grief, I had like 30 mosquitos on me and they were trying to bite me through my clothes.

When I ran(and I ran as quickly as I could, west nile is kind of scary) and jumped in the car, they followed me in the car, Yes, folks! (and here’s where the story gets gross….

I squished one that landed on me and it was full of blood. I am pretty sure it was not my blood.

So, I roadtripped to the georgia coast this weekend. Now, the georgia coast isn’t really what I would call spectacular, the exception being very southern georgia (cumberland, jekyll, etc.) Of course, it serves its purpose and savannah is a lovely city. Tybee is a neat little old beach community, no mini golf or go karts, not much in the way of high priced fancy condos, no gated communities, etc.