NMIX 4110 – New Media Production (3 hours)

Our new media competency course where students learn the basics of how to make new media things. Sure it is web pages, but students also learn

a little Flash, how to make cell phone new media, and a little bit of audio and video.

NMIX 4310 – Rich Media Production (3 hours)

Students will learn how to go beyond text and static graphics to develop audio, video, and animation to be distributed via the web and other


For some of you who have been following this journal for a while, you know I’ve gone back to school for yet a third degree (sort of). I know. If you’re not studious type, then you are probably moaning out there about how many degrees can one person get in a lifetime…. Well, I hope to have oh, I don’t know 4? 5? 8? well, I’ll keep learning something until the end, I suppose.

SO, I’m currently nondegree in IDD (Instructional design &; development) which is ok, but I’m not sure I fit there. I’m kind of at the make or break point. Only 3 classes can be applied towards the degree, which really means that if I want to get a degree in IDD, I have to (re) take the GRE in the next couple of months and formally apply for spring. arrgh. it sucks that gre scores expire. Honestly, can’t they see that if I can make As in a graduate level program, I should just be able to skip the GRE thing?????? I know, that would not be playing by the rules.

The other part and the reason I didn’t formally apply to begin with (besides test anxiety) is that I wasn’t sure I would like the program. After my undergrad experience, I’ve become much more wary of just blindly signing up programs and classes without KNOWing a little bit more about them. Soo, the only other options are a certificate program in digital technology or the mfa/bfa in digital media. I’m still not sure about digital media and I need to get back with the head of the dept with my questions.

But the digital technology certificate aka New Media Interdisciplinary Certificate sounds verry promising.

these sound rockin’, don’t they? Am I too hopeful? Oh, I hope not. I really need something creative yet relevant to the real world (unfortunately, the digital media program sounds more like making works of art in photoshop, cool, but…) Sooo, maybe this would give me a break from the IDD stuff and give me plenty of time to study for the GRE AND be really really fun.

yay! Of course, there is always going to back to grad school in English and writing my thesis on either women as writers (mary shelley, for one) or the role of women in fairy tales (ala the brothers grimm).

so, what do you think? Sound like fun or what?