This is an entirely personal post. 😉
…. oh, the hurricane. it’s awful. I have been fortunate/unfortunate enough to witness personally several hurricane aftermaths. I grew up on the coast and I love the ocean. REALLY. Hurricanes themselves do not scare me (although tornodoes scare me to death) but I am totally in awe of them and I do worry about environmental/health affects afterwards. Possessions are nothing really. I do feel for the people in nola, bilixi, mobile, etc. terribly because it is always the poor/ailing people who suffer in these cases… or even the working poor. People who can not get out of harm’s way for whatever reason…and I feel for them.

I was in miami about 6 months after andrew. Now, Miami was very fortunate and didn’t get a direct hit, but the closer to homestead, the worse the devasation. Buildings which looked like a car went through the 3rd floor. Obvious ‘missing’ buildings. Truly, amazing.

Just recently, I visited pensacola almost exactly 1 year after ivan and just a few months after dennis. I am still a little stunned by it.

so, I can’t imagine how nola is doing or biloxi or mobile (which we haven’t heard much about, although I read reports of the downtown historic section flooding).

…and it seems to mostly be up to the american people to take care of themselves.