..but inland, we’ve certainly felt the affects of katrina, too. It’s not enough that we’ve had tornodoes, and at one point in the evening, there was a flash flood, tornado watch, and a high wind advisory. We’ve had worse than all of that — we’ve had panic. Real panic. The grocery stores were packed with people and the shelves were starting to look a little sparse last night. I hate to go to the grocery store, but as I had to buy gas, I thought I should maximize my trip.

Why did I have to buy gas?

Well, like the dodo that I can be sometimes, I didn’t fill up my car with gas as soon as word got out about the oil refineries in the gulf. I just went on about my business which meant that my little car was getting close to the big E late yesterday. No problemo, I’ll stop and get gas on the way home. Umm.. No.

What that meant is that I had to sit at the gas station with all of the panickers (sp?). Yes, people panicked. I went to 5 different gas stations (sold out or lines way way too long) before I finally found one with short enough lines. Several gas stations I passed apparently sold out of gas at 3.98 (reg). 3.98$ a gallon.

I will say that if this is the beginning of the high gas prices, in some ways I do not mind so much although it will certainly pinch my wallet. It might be good for US to give up this obsession with 1 person land yachts.

When you drive a very small car, you quickly develop a love/hate relationship with SUVs. What I want is for the US to drive more fuel/environmentally efficient cars (really, the auto makers should be able to do that with all of the new technology) and for mass/non car transportation to become a priority. Even though I live in a college town, mass transit is awful. Not only is mass transit awful (routes too short, infrequent, strange hours, will only stop at designated bus stops no matter how far you might have to walk, etc.) but bike lanes just abruptly end in the worst places imaginable (divided highways, etc.) I live within walking distance to a park, yet there is no sidewalk to get there. What sense does that make?

For years, there has been a discussion about putting in a commuter train between my town and the big city. Opponents say it will be bring crime to our town. Umm&… Can’t you just see it? Some guy on a train with a tv over his shoulder? Oh, that is soooo funny.

It’s just all silly really.

this post is just a self centered crabby kind of thing — so, bear with me. I know I am very lucky that I didn’t live in the high impact katrina zone; at least I have a roof, and a place to sleep, and water, and food, my animals are all still alive, and my friends and family are ok.