Having spent a good portion of my childhood in a beach town (and many a summer as a teenager at the beach), I can’t help but feel for the people in gulf, especially my dear friends who live there.

Katrina is going to be rough. I had been thinking about visiting Nola (New Orleans, LA) sometime in the near future, but I think now, it will be many months before anyone except the locals are allowed near it and it’s certainly understandable. For the first few months, just going into an impact zone of that magnitude will be dangerous and the rescue/reconstruction people probably don’t need anyone in the way. So, please keep them in your thoughts.

For those of you interested in following a blog about hurricane katrina’s impact on new orleans:


Here are some hurricane/weather websites that I find interesting:

Hurricane Hunters (cyber flight is very cool)


‘super storms’ and global warming




Satellite images


…and of course, the weather channel