Sunday was kind of laid back. I spent the morning reading, painting my toenails and lounging around my friend’s house. I felt kind of bad that I didn’t go to church with her (she’s Unitarian). You know, trying to be a good guest but feeling lazy. smile

Anyhoos, I found out later that they had guest speakers (one an art history professor) who talked about William Blake and spirituality (I’m a big fan of Blake) Hmm. now that did sound interesting….

Then we went to grocery store and picked up movies. I finally saw the Life Aquatic and Ray (between school, art, and the internet, I really do not watch as many movies as I would like to, nor do I read as much as I would like. I know.) Both were amazing. I loved so much about the Life Aquatic but I really loved Ray. wow. It was so hard for me to remember that I was watching a movie at times. It felt so real.

imageBefore the movies, we tried to catch the end of the meteor shower. No such luck. Not one meteor. I have had a couple of very good meteor shower viewings, but this was definitely not one of them. So, we ditched the meteors for movies.

Monday we got up early to check out the Pensacola Bridge damage and other Ivan related damage. If you look carefully in this little photo, you can see the dark part of the bridge. The dark part of the bridge is where the bridge floated off of its moorings. The way S. explained it is the water came up so high that it came between the bridge and pylons. Oh, eeks, that is scary. Oh the way back into town/beach, we went by the train museum. Although it wasn’t open we had to stop. Very cool.

Then off to bagelheads for breakfast. All I can say is yum. smile


We then drove as far on the beach road as we could until we hit the road closed signs. It was the first time S. had been that far down that beach since Ivan. I think it was kind of sad for her. Entire buildings are completely gone. For me, the most bizarre yet beautiful things were the stacks of debris alongside the road. Seeing concrete picnic pavillions as just a pile of rubble is kind of amazing. I could have spent all afternoon photographing the rubble. I know it’s kind of strange but I just found it so oddly interesting. (btw, I haven’t asked her too much about her Ivan experience. We were online IM when she lost power. I know she lost part of her roof but she seemed to have mostly survived ok.)

We had a nice lunch on the beach and enjoyed a mid-morning of reading trashy tabloid magazines (oh, the gossip of it all!) of which I can not remember one article.

Sometime in the afternoon, we headed back into town and went to the cementary. I really like old cementaries. I don’t care for modern ones much at all nor do I visit my family’s graves much at all. It’s more about the really old stuff; the statues, old carved tombstones, and the crypts. I know kind of weird, hmm? I find cementaries oddly peaceful and very interesting.

image St. Michael’s cementary is kind of cool and kind of eerie at the same time. We were there late in the afternoon and didn’t have much time to look around. We did get attacked by ants while we were there. I told you it was kind eerie. smile

Tuesday I drove out to the beach to say goodbye to the ocean, picked up some bagelheads for the road home, and headed out. See ya soon, p’cola. I had a great time. S (an artist, too) &; I dragged our cameras around everywhere photographing stuff. We talked about art and looked over her progress on her great work; as I’ve began to dub it because she has one painting which has been in progress for a while now….


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