So, I’m signed up for the second studio class in Instructional Technology, now titled Instructional Design &; Development. I have to decide this semester if I want to go this route or the New Media Institute’s program. The Digital Media through the art school sounds like a no go. I would have to have two separate portfolios and apply twice; yes, twice, once to art school and finish core classes that I need (I think there are 4-5 I would still need to take) and then present my portfolio to get into the Digital Media program. The application process doesn’t make alot of sense to me and the person who contacted me wasn’t very encouraging. I know, I’ve been told that is always the case with the art school here.

Can’t I just present my portfolio that I have and then they can decide what classes I need to take? Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way.

Anyhow, the New Media Institute (a joint collaboration between a bunch of different depts) is gearing up for a new group of folks Spring 2006 which might be perfect timing for me. The NMI has worked on a lot of cool projects and sounds very interesting. Sooo…. something to think about.

…and I want to thank EVERYONE who has given me advice, words of wisdom, dropped me a line, sent some encouragement, etc. regarding school. Thank you. It’s hard for me to keep up with the comments and emails sometimes, so please don’t feel that I don’t appreciate it. I do, even if I can’t always get back with you. smile