Don’t you hate it when they monkey with your radio station? well, it goes to show how much I listen to the radio these days, because ,some time ago, the channel I occasionally listen to ( 103.7 ) has changed from regular popular/commerical rock (van halen to a perfect circle, lots of x games bands) to classic and light rock, with the slogan music for the masses (terrible). Come on, now, if it were really music for the Southern US masses, the station would have to play some country, hip hop, probably a little dance, too. I knew when I heard an acoustic version of an alanis morrisette song that something was seriously wrong with this station. I am really going to miss the blues program on sunday (from house of blues hosted by dan ackroyd), locals only (featuring local music) and the heavy metal show. The last time they changed format they dropped the locals show but added it back late at night.

About the only good thing I say about the format change is that they are playing more music in the morning instead as much crappy talk show. Now, their morning DJs are not the worst (they aren’t two southern guys who like to insult women, minorities, etc. as appears on the regional clear channel classic rock station-shudder)

I just hate morning talk except for the news (npr).