woohoo. it looks like can at least roadtrip to my frien’s house next week. At the BEACH. Lot of arty stuff to do. Lots to photograph. ‘m more worried about the $ situation as I had to get my car fixed which means that some of my vacation money is gone, gone, gone… I will just have to be frugal.

So, here’s the plan …and you all won’t even miss me. wink I’;ve put some photo posts in the que, so you’ll have some stuff to look at. If I get a chance I will do 1 journal post of something interesting I find along the way. moblog doesn’t seem to work anymore with my phone company, at least not straight to my journal. I might see if I can try one of the free moblog services so that you all will have something new.

However, the main goal is to photograph and sketch and hang out with my friend. I’ve gotten alot of stuff in order and I am down to the little things.

The only things I have to left to check off of my list:

catfood/litter -make sure the kitties are taken care of

pack my clothes including a last minute addition of a nice dress and shoes; for an art/charity auction kind of thing (I’ve already packed my art stuff and yoga mat…yoga on the beach is kind of fab…)

restock my mp3 player with a new selection of music

finish a resume review (it’s a community service kind of thing)

finish up a few mini projects

When I get back, school will start the following day and I will be getting ready for a fall exhibit. smile