…Absolutely adored Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Feels like a completely different movie from the original (which I like…)

very typical tim burton…. visually stunning, although the exteriors of the factory and the non-candy rooms were my favorites; beatiful organic shapes and forms, curls and spirals, candy saturated colors, and prevalent greys, greys, greys, and snow, snow, snow…

story seems much more edward scissorhands but from the inventor’s perspective.

At the beginning willy wonka seemed much more scary but by the end he is not, which is a little different than the original. I though Gene Wilder’s character seemed sort of goofy but harmless in the beginning, and becomes more insidous as the story progresses, whereas Johnny Depp’s character seems to involve in the opposite way.

I can’t remember much about the Willy Wonka character in the book other than he was strange, so it would be interesting to see which is more accurate in regards to the book.

with edward scissorhands will make a nice set of bookends.

lovely. sweet but not too sweet.