First off, any dreams of a vacation this summer may have finally melted in the sun along with my car. Well, I hope not. I still want to go on vacation and once I get to my friend Sarah’s house, all I need is a beach pass for the week, a few sketchbooks, and rolls of film. I can pack sandwiches & snacks for my trip (I usually do anyhow as driving across the South is not always the most vegetarian friendly place in the world…) and of course, I’ll pack lots to drink.

One option in the in the get out of jail town free card is to go to a baby shower this weekend with mom in the great state of tennessee (START CRABBY ASIDE: Ok, I like my cousin just fine and tennessee is very beautiful but I’m not so keen on baby showers. It’s a long story but I just have issues with some parts of modern society namely, hallmark holidays (like mother’s day & father’s day), baby showers, wedding showers, etc. I also think it is kind crappy that girls are stuck paying/buying all of these presents for things, and the guys rarely have to put forth the $. It’s just not fair. /END CRABBY ASIDE)

but on to more upbeat news. My dear friend wendy is coming to visit her family which means I’ll get to see her if every so briefly. YAY!

…and I’m going to see Johnny Depp does Michael J. Willy Wonka (ok, that is a JOKE….) tomorrow…and before I get a passle of irate emails about how dare they touch willy wonka, people — it is meant to be a different movie and a little more closely aligned with the book. The book? Remember it? Yeah, definitely not much like the first movie (although I loved loved loved it) so here’s hoping Tim Burton redeems himself, ‘coz I luuuuv his movies, except the ape one. yuck. wink

…and I’m going to see gwen stefani & the black eyed peas in november! Yay? Ok, I’m not the biggest fan but I liked no doubt but the blackeyed peas are kind of cool and it will be fun; coz it will be with my sis.