I don’t really see alot of time for just hanging around doing nothing in my vacations these days. reading a book on the beach, wandering around historic stuff. It’s either travelling, hiking/swimming/snowboarding(dependent upon locale) eating, shopping, or in the reverse. It’s certainly fun, but exhausting. sometimes I yearn for the other kind of vacations. The ones to my grandma’s houses when I was a kid. I was fortunate: I had a grandma in the mountains and one at the ocean.

Grandma’s meant catching up on reading, getting a little sun, watching the sun go down, sketching a little, maybe a little boating or fishing, driving around to visit relatives, hiking, swimming, no plans to do much of anything. We had vacations (DisneyWorld, etc.) and then there was going to grandma’s. For my Dad, grandma’s was never a vacation, he worked like a dog while he was there, repairing this and that (for his mother in law too!)

At my grandma’s near the ocean, going to the beach town proper was a way to break the monotony. These trips had a beginning and end and not much in the middle. Oh, thank goodness for the towns! Oh, the tacky tourist stuff! Oh, the wax museum of creepy stuff half melted from the heat! Oh, the mini golf (if we were very lucky or very good!) with the falling apart plaster gorilla! We were very lucky to get one day at the beach town. It was magical and made staying at my grandma’s seem much easier to bear. We rarely watched tv there. Her reception was too poor and the channel was either stuck on the Farm Report (for my uncle, a farmer) or what I like to call cultural hour at grandma’s (Lawrence Welk proceeded by HeeHaw; I know a very odd combo!) The boondocks? Well yeah, but at least the beach was ever so near.

My other grandma in the mountains was equally rural although she was very close to a bigger town. At her house, we had much more in the way of real civilization: other cousins, relatives, big cookouts, my crazy crafty aunt, mandatory church attendance, tours through the historic part of town (same ones every time…), the stories; every afternoon followed by wrestling (that one for my cousins), pepsi and as much sugary cereal as we could cram into our mouths (a rarity those days for us), softballs, skateboards (ba ha ha..my first real injury!) & secret spy stuff. Being the out of town city slickers, we were constantly questioned about what was cool, in, etc. (as if we knew…lol)

What we had was priceless: miles of land, barns, woods, fields, lakes and water. Crafts, crosswords, and books. Nothing to do. Boring to the point of being restful.


my vacations these days have a tendency to be kind of frantic. hurry up and do whatever.