I discovered this red shoe (the mate was missing) alongside the road. Somehow very interesting, possibly disturbing. A red shoe. Possibly a dangerous red shoe — leather, high heeled, adorned with a big bow in the back. Certainly not a sensible shoe.

Who would wear such a shoe? Why would it end up in the road at a park? Was this a mysterious attractive woman in peril (chain smoking a cigarette, hat dipped low over one eye, ala casablanca)?

…or perhaps, a remnant from the rocky horror picture show?

Did she/he chuck this shoe out the window as she/he sped off from a bad life?

Or after a long day of work as a bank teller, did she defiantly discard it as she proclaimed to herself: I’ll never wear uncomfortable shoes again regardless how attractive they are!

Or did this story have a more insidious ending? Where did this red shoe come from? Why was there only one?

…Or could it be, that it was in a box going to goodwill and it fell out