Well, I have two articles that I’ve been asked to flesh out for the New Encyclopedia of Georgia. This is not the first time I’ve been asked to add more information for the art museums. Unfortunately, the questions are often ones which no one (including Museum staff) can seem to answer. Funny to think that they wouldn’t know (or couldn’t go count) what is in their permanent collection, or keep track of exhibits better, but having been on the exhibit organizing/curating side, it’s never as organized as one hopes. There is always a monkey wrench, be it the artists or the gallery/exhibit area, or the person coordinating it. Even the most organized person is bound to pull their hair out as something either falls through (or off the wall in some cases) or just doesn’t go according to plan.

So, that leaves me with the duty of trying to find out the information or confirm that no one knows, and then present that information back to the editors. In the case of these two requests, the museums are tiny and it seems mostly staffed by volunteers.

So, wish me luck. In some ways I am very glad that I’m writing in the category of entertainment now!