let’s see, news.
submitted paintings for a coffee table book of regional artists. It would really be nice to be selected, but I’m not overly hopeful.
–submitted a curatorial proposal to a local gallery

work wise
the blog(aka news & events)
Well the blog development is going fairly well. As we will have so many contributors, there has been a lot of discussion about policies, content, etc. My role is primarily setting it up and configuring the style sheets. It should be easy enough, but well, there is the issue of trying to work with wordpress behind all of our network security. It’s taken me weeks to get the wordpress style sheets almost right vs. the 2hours it took me to setup and configure wordpress for a friend on his server.

I appreciate all of the hard work and vigilance and I (mostly) appreciate the intent. It’s just sometimes it makes things harder than they should be for me. Of course, that’s just the reality I have to live with these days. 😉 Gone are the days when I could download (with appropriate permission) software/hardware support, install, configure/tweak, test it, and then write a recommendation yay/nay.

Next week, I’ve got to get on some indepth investigation of link checking software. I have a couple of potential candidates but I don’t know if they will work within a proprietary db.

Ok, I better shut up, before I write myself into a hole…:)

I’m outta here for now, but will try to keep more on top of my writing.