The devil wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
Ok, I must have had some of the worst bosses in the history of the world, as this person didn’t seem THAT bad to me. I know, I kept reading it, thinking, she doesn’t sound THAT bad… WHAT? Am I crazy?!?! I did love this one though. Very girly, corporate, fashionasta, funny in a demented way.

Alternative Atlanta by Marshall Boswell
Basically, the adventures of a stoned guy who sort shuffles through life: his job (writing music reviews for the local music weekly), his relationships (his dad is dying; very confusing love life –well sort of),etc. Story takes place during the Olympics, which is kind of interesting. It was a fun read, except the characters sort of made me cringe at times. Does the main character redeem himself by the end of the book? Do you want me to tell you? If you are from the south or have some friends from college still ‘finding themselves’ you might enjoy this. This had a very ‘real’ voice to it. I kept wondering if it was partially autobiographical or at least a composite of real people. I like this one more retrospect…

The lady and the unicorn by Tracy Chevalier
Sort of a historical fiction of those tapestries depicting young girls with unicorns. I enjoyed this one well enough, although somehow it felt a little unsatisfying.

In the hand of Dante/Nick Tosches
Hmm. Finished it, but the plot kind of wanders around. Lots of middle age angst. By page 105, I was still not sure of the plot besides what I read on the back cover. Let’s see, brief summary: impotent diabetic foul mouthed alcholic writer with issues somehow gets involved with a copy of the Divine Comedy which has been found in a Vatican library…. and gets involved with the Mafia. Interesting, but the main character is very unlikable, in general. It’s been compared to Burkowski, so that should give you a clue as to the writing style.