imageok, I am sorry for the lack of posts. One reason for my grouchiness and lack of writing is that I was thinking I could finally post the father’s day post that has been in the works for the last 4 years. As some of you know, my dad died a few years ago. He was relatively young; it was unexpected (well, to us, but we suspect he knew more as he had a heart syndrome – Wolf-Parkinson-White Syndrome, which essentially meant that sometimes his heart had a double beat)

Anyhoos, I guess I am just not ready for the whole post, but here is what I can say:

It’s not so much about Father’s Day as it is all of the weekends of summer: picnics, going to the beach, going swimming, grilling out, watching my dad try to climb palm trees or swimming out past the breakers, no uniforms, no stiff hair (it looks like painted on plastic hair in this photo!), no work, music, quiet sunday mornings, relaxing and reading. Summer was my dad’s season (and I don’t have many photos because my mom has most of them, but here is one I stole off of my family’s genealogy site).