I thought you might like an update on the 5 books that I recently checked out of the library to read:

Here goes the score in no particular order:

Q is for Quarry

a very typical Sue Grafton. What I like about Sue Grafton in the a-? series is the main character. She reminds me a little of my friend, L, in that she’s tough, doesn’t take crap from anybody, is a workaholic, smart, funny, etc. Anyhow, L. I now remember that whenever I read one of these books, I kind of think about you kicking butt and running around solving these mysteries. 😉

Queen of the Amazons (Judith Tarr)
Umm. Well, it was OK. It kind of bothered me that (and I’m going to give away the ending a little folks) it ends up that a man (no offense at all to you guys, but it kind seems like it was marketed as a sci fi riot grrl kind of thing) saves the day, in spite of the fact that the girls are all warriors. Of course, the other way of looking at it is that it’s kind of yin/yang thing. Anyhow, it just seemed to work against the tone of the story somehow. Maybe I’m completely over analyzing this one.

Will in the World: How Shakespeare became Shakespeare (stephen greenblatt)
A national book award finalist… Slow to begin with and wordy, but I wouldn’t expect it to be much less. The author spends alot of time (at least in the beginning) essentially saying “it could have happened like this!” I have great hopes that it will pick up further along.

A salty piece of land (Jimmy Buffet)
I haven’t listened to the CD, but this has been a fun read. Cowboy art collector turned fishing guide in Mexico…. I’m about half way through and I’m spreading the reading of this one out, because it is fun and easy to pick up where I left off.

Well, there you go. My reading for the last couple of weeks.

By the way, if you have suggestions for good mysteries, please pass them along. I’m going on vacation at the end of August, and I’m going to make my vacation reading list soon. I like all kind of mysteries (except I’m not so fond of the animal crime solver stuff, e.g., “the cat who…”)

I also like both nonfiction & fiction about literary and art figures.