…and in art/school news…
+ Next art thing is the Classic Center Arts Foundation invitational exhibit.
+ My solo photography exhibit is on for May. more later. I think it will either be called cyan dreams, or I dream of blue.
+ buttons that I created for subter.com are up
+ I submitted my info packet to be a featured artist at subter.com
+ presented my class project prototype, spiralism. I will post the link when it is finished and goes live.
+ LSA art exhibit is on for July

…and in professional news…
+ the blog group is chugging along.
+ I finished a ton of updates to my dept.’s online policy and procedures manual(p&p). Unfortunately, I sense a bunch more in the wings.
+ I think the IR Meta group is getting close to completion(maybe). We’ve talked about all of the DC elements and I think we’ve made recommendations we can live with.
+ I hope to start writing entries again for the New Encyclopedia of Georgia, as soon as I finish the p&p.
+ …and a million more things…