A few of us in Cataloging are freelancing metadata services. It’s both a good experience and an opportunity to accumulate travel money, as conferences are incredibly expensive. I have 2 1/2 weeks left to finish my record allocation. I hope I can do it. Part of the problem is that the db has been very slow with an average save time 30+ seconds. Ok, that is 1/2 minute! Whew, that is slow in these days!

The database was worked on recently and is a little faster; but I have concerns that the more we add to it, the slower it will get.

I hate going to conferences anyway. I know I should go, but they are really expensive. The idea of considering going to a conference as my vacation, because I can’t afford to have a real vacation and go to a conference in the same year, appalls me.

Conferences are not fun for me. I know that some people love them but that’s just not my scene. My vacation dream involves sitting on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean NOT crammed into a conference hotel room with a bunch of librarians. Sorry, it’s just not my thing….