imageSo our class project was to find a website and an object (which could be photographed) which inspires us in terms of design. Inspiration is a really hard thing for me to define in such limited terms, although I am inspired on a regular basis. In fact, I’m full of ideas which are refractions and reflections of objects I see, ideas from people that I meet, words in conversation,etc. I am seriously considering changing my project from something color related to a website on spirals. I would like to build a whole website around a spiral. What do you think?

For the purposes of this homework assignment I wrote:
—-begin class post—-
Wow, inspiration is one of the hardest things to define…

I find inspiration in a lot of different places. In many ways I am inspired by spiral imagery, both physical and symbolic, in a terms of design and my artwork.

The first photo is a few spiral paperclips scattered on a piece of paper. What I like about them are the simple shapes (triangle, square, circle) and colors (red, green, blue).
—-end of class post—–

I am not exactly sure why I am so drawn to spirals. Perhaps, it is the natural elements and the old golden rule of mathematics (they are both orderly yet creative)…or perhaps, it is their use in celtic imagery…

Here are a few interesting websites I found about spirals.

A very mathematical description of spirals
Celtic symbolism
celtic spirals
Spirals in Nature, science & art

…and of course…
imageSacred Symbolism: The golden rule & more