ok, this isn’t really the unloved blog. I’ve just been busy finishing up classwork and the holidays. My carpal tunnel also reappeared in mid december so I have been resting my hands as much as possible.

I’m trying to clear my professional development calendar now to give me as much space as possible for the Peabodies and other upcoming projects. I spend quite a bit of time outside of work doing things, so the more things I finish up NOW the better.

99.5 % Finished

I’ve finished up the last of my New Georgia Encyclopedia articles. I have just a couple of minor revisions to make to one article and that’s it. I will write more entries after the Peabodies end.

To do this week:

Webpage stuff: Cataloging & etds webpage need attention.

My peabody review committee (Radio Documentaries) will be meet this week at the Peabody Luncheon.

Start class on Tuesday.


The online portfolio working group is going ok. I think we have been a little mired in the technical aspects, i.e., how do we make our vision a working reality.

A few updates: The IR (Institutional Repositories) Meta (data) Group is well under way. It’s so much fun to talk about metadata. I know kind of dorky… 🙂


Freelancing metadata for DLG

Mental Health Benefit Art Auction (Feb)

solo exhibit (May)

well, that’s it. Hope you have a prosperous new year.