Ok, first let me say that I lost my first post on digital diplomas which was long to the blogger monster. I will try to summarize that post below. Also, I am very tired & yucky feeling, so please pardon, any typos.

Basically, this article divides higher ed into two camps:

faculty & students vs. administrators & legislators (for those of us in public institutions)

In other words, learning vs. making money

The author sees the push to digitize learning as just a way to get more people through the door, e.g., the diploma mill. He also discusses the kinds of online programs, and what prestige is attached to various ones.

I thought this was an interesting article, because I have now been a student at UGA through two different administrations. Although, it would seem that fundraising has gained importance, I haven’t noticed an incredible shift towards digital learning. In fact, it seems that some of the nontraditional student learning (ALP, Evening Program, etc. have just faded away)