Institutional Repositories

Well, the Institutional Repositories Metadata subgroup(? I’m not sure what we are actually called but that will suffice for me) met. It was very interesting —so many perplexing issues in terms of metadata for a group digital repository. We will be meeting again in the near future.

Online Portfolios

I’m also going to be working with a few folks to look out online portfolios/profiles for library staff. I think the idea is that the portfolio/profile could be linked off of the staff directory. In thinking about this a little, I would rather have a brief profile template with a place for a link to an online portfolio. Just my initial thoughts.

WAG (Web Advisory Group)

Finally 🙂 I’ve been asked to join the Libraries’ Web Advisory Group. Sounds like fun. I’ve worked with this group in a non-official capacity as the creator of the Research Central icons.

Anyhoos, lots of fun. 🙂