Information about the small online auction organized by members of UGA’s IT program to benefit theirsponsored school in Brazil. More information about the school and auction is enclosed below. I have 2 photographs displayed, each framed in a simple black frame.

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Escola Gustavo Barroso Charity Auction

This school, named “Gustavo Barroso” is one that we have adopted as part of an exchange program that weare beginning this year. It is located in a poor, urban section of town, but is populated with greatteachers and a wonderful group of students….

Since we deal with technology, our goal is to raise enough money to build an extention to the technologyroom at the school. It is a small room with old computers, a television, and a VCR, but it is widelyused by instructors in the school to support their teaching. The school is requesting new equipment fromthe municipal government, and this effort will help consolidate their quest for this equipment!