This is a transcript of a speech entitled No cliche left behind: Why Education Policy is NOT like the movies.

In the beginning of the speech, the speaker seems against no child left behind, but then in the end, he seems to have softened his view. The speaker calls the policy, the action hero method of decision making. 🙂 I may have to “borrow” that analogy the next time I am on a committee where people do not want to take the time to come up with a plan.

He points out the challenges that teachers face trying to deal with competing priorities.

He also refers to standardized testing as the “Wizard of Oz” approach to education. Students must

achieve against impossible odds (lack of resources) in order to gain the reward (a passing grade funding for particular things, etc.)

I think this speech does reflect what most people feel about the “no child left behind” –it is a good idea, but poorly implemented and without planning and guidelines, is a terrible.

It’s like a lot of things… It’s not enough to have a good idea… there must also be a good plan, implementation, and followthrough.