I realize that I have not posted in a while. Here are some things I have been working on, which are not necessarily work related.

–Studying up on (Digital) Institutional Repositories for a meeting

—-More research for a few of my Ga Encyclopedia entries which have been returned from the editor (I have a few spots to flesh out)

–Selected for the Peabody Awards screening committee pool (although I will not know until January whether I will be screening or which category)

–Taking refresher Dreamweaver classes (all the way)

–Reading and reflecting on class assignments

–Finishing up some art projects and looking at selling my artwork online more efficiently

–Giving out lots of web design advice (really, I need to think about consulting for a fee again!)

Anyhow, I decided a few months ago that I would take advantage of some free training and fill in any potential gaps in my web design knowledge. It also gives me a chance to see how someone would teach an intro class. As with all of my web related computer knowledge (HTML, Javascript, perl, css, Macromedia Studio Suite, & many Adobe products including Photoshop, a smattering of perl), I have learned it myself. My first webpage that I wrote (1996) was handcoded using HTML that I learned by working through an online tutorial. The graphics were created with an Adobe product I loved dearly called ImageStyler, which later involved into LiveMotion, and then faded away. Yes, this background was the first background I ever created for a webpage. The page is long gone, though…

From that point forward, my knowledge has been cobbled together from a bunch of different sources. I rely heavily on my knowledge from color theory and web design (workshops; art classes); spatial design classes (Graphic Design, Interior Design; hs classes; art classes), organization and structure (grad LIS[Library & Info Science]), computer skills (tutorials, workshops, classes, trial-and-error), metadata (LIS), and usability (LIS).

I felt that it was about time to just go through basics –> advanced of the most popular products (Macromedia & Adobe).

So, today, I took Dreamweaver I. I really didn’t learn anything (although I have been just typing links vs. using the links tool). The course handouts were okay, but not great. I would have a hard time following the handouts as they were structured by content (no TOC) rather than a linear tutorial. They did not follow the class content and I don’t think he once referred to them.

The only thing that really bothered me was the fact the instructor showed us how to “take” an image from the web (using Google image search) and put it into our web pages. Now, I know that it is easy to do and perhaps, his intent was just to show us how to put an image into a file in dreamweaver. Where was the mention of copyright? fair use? EEKS! Anyhow, those things went on my course feedback sheet. I thought he was a good instructor but the copyright/fair use thing really bothered me, especially, as I was having bandwidth stolen a few months ago.

Of course, it was fun and I can honestly say I can check that one off of the list. 😀

and here is a website evolution: