My group’s preliminary work and my thoughts on our topic.

Our fifth assignment is from the Theory Into Practice Database (TIP) ,

located at

Each group picks on theory of learning & instruction to discuss.

My group has chosen constructivism,

My group consists of Haley Grizzle, John Kriemeyer,

and Ericka Mayweather. As my voice comes and goes

due to my cold, they have kindly agreed to let me do the

intro. Haley will discuss general characteristics, Erika

will discuss uses, and John will discuss limitations.

We also have a demostration planned.

The resources that we reviewed for this

assignment include the following:

Constructivist Learning Theory


Constructivist Learning Theory


TIP Theories

“Multimedia for Learning – methods and developments

By Stephen M. Alessi & Stanley R. Trollip

In a response to a question that John posted via email

regarding readings: I replied: In the tip article (Bruner)

I didn’t feel that it dealt with the limitations much at all

[but only a definition].

The second article at artsined site seemed to be very much

about limitations, or perhaps, it was more about how hard

it would be to apply constructivism in a real world situation

with a potential different learning outcome for each student(?)

However, it did make me wonder, is a learning portfolio

an example of constructivist learning? If the idea is to

build upon current knowledge and define principles

through exploration, that would seem to apply to a

learning portfolio (or would it fall under more of an

“applied” theory)?

The third article at

uses a museum setting (exhibits, maps) as examples of

constructivism learning which I thought was interesting.