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This “digest” covers 12 fundamental questions (FAQs) relating to the field of educational technology, from the definition of educational technology (theory and practice of all means and mechanisms of learning and the tools which make it possible), the history (World War II, primarily AV media), research findings (Thompson & Jonassen), brief overview of work of an educational technologist (type of work: instructional design, managing learning resources; location of work: schools, training centers, most everywhere), degree requirements and education of educational technologists, and professional interests (organizations, reading material including textbooks) and cited resources.

The terms educational technology and instructional technology are used interchangeably (e.g., the definition cited for educational technology is a definition for instructional technology), although the author points out in the introduction that educational technology has many different definitions.

Each answer is well cited and gives a good brief answer without delving into anything too deeply. However, I am a little surprised that the FAQs were not proofread better.